Mexico and Costa Rica sign cooperation agreement on drugs and vaccines

On the 17th of October 2013, COFEPRIS issued a press release informing on a new agreement of cooperation between the health authorities of Mexico and Costa Rica that will allow the recognition of drug registrations approved by COFEPRIS, by Costa Rica.

Federal Commissioner Mikel Arriola, head of COFEPRIS, remarked that the subscription to this agreement is possible today thanks to the international certification of the Mexican Health Agency as National Regulatory Agency of Regional Reference, awarded last year by the Pan American Health Authorization (PAHO).

This is one of the first steps towards harmonization of drug and vaccine registration in the region, which will promote commerce and enhance collaboration.

This agreement will also allow professionals of COFEPRIS to help the General Direction of Health, HA of Costa Rica, towards the achievement of the PAHO certification. This recognition is awarded after a thorough evaluation of the agencies’ performance of basic functions for ensuring the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines in the country. The assessment is based on recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) for strengthening the regulatory bodies.


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